There is deep power in having our journey in life be witnessed.

Everyone's story is sacred, and healing happens through authentic connection. When we are truly seen and met with compassion, we can unlock the magic of becoming our own best healer.

I like dancing with others in the healing spaces between the magical, mystical, and science through somatic experiencing and breathwork. 

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In my eyes, healing is about discovering and letting go of the veils that have gotten in the way of accessing our true and loving nature within. 


I have a passion for working with clients who understand that the mind, body and soul are deeply connected. They know that healing isn’t about finding answers from someone else, rather it is about having a welcoming and safe space held, while they walk their own path to rediscover their innate healing wisdom.



"Kim is like a tour guide for my mind. I’m the one with all the sights, memories, and psychological architecture. She can’t fully see all of that the way I can, yet she still never fails to guide me through it all telling me which pieces to keep an eye out for. She humbly and intuitively attends to certain areas in the tour that need a little more attention. Kim definitely has my trust. She has the capacity for great depth, intimacy, and spirituality in her work."

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