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I'm honored that our paths have crossed.

I believe there is deep power in having our journey in life be witnessed by others. 

I feel that everyone's story is sacred, and healing happens through authentic connection. When we are truly seen and met with compassion, we can unlock the magic of becoming our own best healer.

Solo Exploration

(for those travelers deepening their

own personal journey)

Within our individual sessions together, you can create a "choose your own adventure" from the many healing modalities that I offer.

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Somatic Experiencing

(and other body-based healing modalities)

Have you felt the innate healing wisdom that your body has? Sometimes if we slow down and deeply listen, our bodies have stories they have been waiting to tell. We can explore somatic experiencing (a body based approach to regulate the nervous system), yoga, movement, and touch support.




Looking for a deep nervous system shift in just one session? Breathwork actively stimulates the nervous system to move energy and emotions through the body. It can be common to feel deep relaxation, increased creative energy, and emotional breakthroughs after a breathwork session.

Feeling gratitude for this beautiful mor

Sandtray (and other "woo-woo" healing modalities)

Want to integrate a little more  "woo" into your journey?  I got you. I love watching Spirit dance all around in healing sessions. I get excited when clients are curious about incorporating crystals & stones, oracle cards, essential oils, creating altars, and exploring sandtray therapy.

Group Exploration

(for those travelers seeking companionship

along their healing journey)

We are biologically wired for connection, and there is something deep and powerful that happens when we heal in the presence of and along with others.



Group Breathwork

Would you like an easily accessable way to experience profound healing? Group breathwork is an ideal option for people who want a big shift without a big time commitment. Groups cost $30 and discounts are available for BIPOC & marginalized populations. Recordings are available if you would like to participate on your own time.


Retreats for Wellness Professionals

Are you a wellness professional seeking a sacred space to tend to your own heart? Join with other healers as you come together for ceremony, breathwork, embodiment, and healing. This is an opportunity for the helping hearts of the world to remember their own well being is priority when serving others.



Restore & Connect Support Group

Want a safe space to feel supported and deepen self-love? This group incorporates embodiment, gentle stretching/ yoga and time to receive & share support. Participants create an altar together with items that represent resources and skills they used that week to support their healing & self- love.

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For Therapists & Wellness Professionals

I offer consultations, individual therapy and have a passion for hosting retreats for healers.

Kim is like a tour guide for my mind. I’m the one with all the sights and memories and psychological architecture. She can’t fully see all of that the way I can. Yet she still never fails to guide me through it all, telling me which pieces to keep an eye out for. She humbly and intuitively attends to certain areas in the tour that need a little more attention. Kim definitely has my trust. She has the capacity for great depth, intimacy, and spirituality in her work.

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Curious to learn more?

Want to know my favorite go-to somatic tools?

Not quite in a place to commit to individual therapy

or sign up for a breathwork class because you don't know what to expect?

No problem! I got you covered.

In collaboration with Well Connected Twin Cities, I have created an on demand class that you can purchase for $30. This will outline the basic principals of somatic exploration & breathwork, and it's a perfect way to get a peek at what our work together may feel like.

You can also check out this podcast episode where I was interviewed about my approach to healing.

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Telehealth Options Available

video and phone sessions are standard practice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The link below will connect current clients to my virtual waiting room.

let's connect!

email is the best way to contact me with inquiries about working together. Please peek through my FAQs page to find answers to some of the most common curiosities! Looking forward to connecting with you!

700 Twelve Oaks Center Drive 

Suite #700 (Truyu Health & Wellbeing)

Wayzata, MN 55391

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