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journey within
through body & soul wisdom

"It's your road & yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you." ~Rumi


Kim Lovejoy 

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, LICSW, Breathwork Facilitator


to my little slice of the inter-webs

"I have a passion for dancing with others in the healing spaces between the magical, spiritual & science through somatic experiencing, breathwork & energy healing." 

I believe that everyone's journey in this life is sacred and when we are truly seen and met with compassion, we can unlock the magic of becoming our own best healer. 

I have a respect for the endless wisdom that we all hold within our body and soul. When we can slow down and listen deeply, we will find that we hold our own key to our healing and resilience. 

I believe that we are not meant to walk this journey in life alone and I feel passionately about the power of having our stories witnessed by another. 

I hold a deep love for curating safe, compassionate and playful spaces (filled with lots of swear words) for self-exploration, healing, expansion and belonging. 

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This journey is for you if... 

You are open to the magic of honoring your body and soul wisdom


You have laid groundwork for your healing path already


You are ready to free yourself from stagnant energy and limiting beliefs that hold you back


You want to connect with deeper compassion and love for yourself


You are ready to find your own truth and healing wisdom from within

words my clients have shared

“My work with Kim has been nothing short of transformative. It's difficult to put the powerful healing, compassion, and wisdom I have gained from our work into words. Kim has held sacred space for me in some of my darkest hours and continues to walk with me through this crazy journey of life and growth. She has helped me understand and reconnect with the wisdom within my body, release energy that no longer serves me, and find a path to deeper healing so I can align with my highest self. She brings warmth, compassion, curiosity, humor, and playfulness through it all. I am deeply grateful for the privilege to know her.”

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