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Ways I Support People

There is deep power in having our journey in life be witnessed.Everyone's story is sacred, and healing happens through authentic connection. When we are truly seen and met with compassion, we can unlock the magic of becoming our own best healer.

There are many ways that we can co-create a space for you to feel supported in your healing and to move in the direction of your dreams. 


Although I am a licensed therapist, I have found deep value in supporting my clients in a way that encompasses much more than just therapy. A coaching relationship allows for a co-created healing journey where we are able to connect between sessions through email, text or a brief phone call to deepen into and support individual sessions. 

Exchange $175 per hour

(I offer private pay services and do not take insurance)


In walking my own journey in life, I have gained skills and knowledge in many areas, and I love sharing my wisdom and experience with others. I have a passion for consulting with other healers who are curious about somatic work, and I have a special love for working with folks who want to build the career and life of their dreams.

Exchange $175 per hour

Retreats & Workshops

We are tribal beings, pack animals. I believe we are biologically wired to heal and thrive in community. I have a passion for holding space for breathwork groups, workshops and weekend retreats to heal and restore. 

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Private Events

Curious about curating a meaningful event for you and your friends, colleagues or community? I love dreaming up ideas and collaborating with other healers in the community to bring profound healing experiences to life. 

Exchange: base rate of $222 per hour

Support for Therapists & Healers

As healers, our own well-being is vital when serving others. When we can experience being held and witnessed by another, we can access a deeper well of compassion for ourselves that will naturally flow into our work with others. 

I am also a Somatic Experiencing individual session provider for those in training at the beginning and intermediate levels. 

Exchange $175

Examples of why people might reach out to me

You have been pouring your heart into your work and are starting to feel burnt out... You want to create the career of your dreams, but don't really know where to start. 

You want to meet one time for a crash-course on all of my favorite coping skills and tools that I have learned through somatic training, breathwork, and DBT to help regulate your nervous system. 

You are ready to do a deep dive into shifting unhelpful patterns and are curious about moving beyond traditional therapy so you can access support between sessions. 

You want to have a safe, intentional and spiritual experience with plant medicine and are curious to talk through harm reduction, set & setting, resourcing, and intention setting beforehand, and you want to learn how to integrate your experience in a meaningful way after your experience. 

You are a therapist/ healer and feel your own energy draining in your work with others and would like to explore energetic boundaries. 

You are curious about breathwork and are considering a private session. 

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