solo exploration

Within our individual sessions together, you can create a "choose your own adventure" from the many modalities and offerings including somatic experiencing, yoga, breathwork, and sandtray therapy. I also offer consultations for therapists and wellness professionals seeking support or guidance on their journey.


Somatic Experiencing is an approach to healing overwhelming or traumatic experiences and their impact on the body. In this approach, the therapist creates a safe space for the client’s nervous system to explore what it may need to gain an expanded ability to tolerate distress while releasing trauma and suppressed emotions that have been stored in the body. More information can be found about Somatic Experiencing at:

"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness." -Peter Levine


Breathwork can be a profound tool to support our bodies in releasing what no longer serves us, and creating more capacity within our nervous systems. The particular type of breathwork that is offered has roots in South Asian medicine and is derived from the pranayama breath. This is a conscious, connected breath where we actively breathe to increase the oxygen in our system to help move stagnant emotions and energy in our bodies that we may be suppressing.

“Willing yourself to breathe heavily for short intense time can be profoundly therapeutic… It’s only through disruption that we can be normal again. That’s what techniques like vigorous pranayamas do. They stress the body on purpose, snapping it out of it’s funk so that it can properly function for the other 23 1/2 hours of day. Conscious breathing teaches us to be the pilots of our bodies, not the passengers.”  -James Nestor






Sand Tray Therapy is for those seeking a creative approach. The therapist will guide you in exploring the subconscious where symbols, images, and metaphor may reveal deeper insights and meaning. This is done through creating a word in a tray of sand using a variety of miniature objects, symbols, animals and/or characters. The therapist maintains an atmosphere of curiosity as clients explore strengths that they have, barriers they may be facing, and possible solutions they may be seeking.


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