Retreats and workshops for therapists and healers can be found on the following website: Returning to Your Light

Inspiration, humor and self-love tips can be found on my Instagram or Facebook page

A space to share our collective voice as a community to raise the vibration of Love & Light can be found here on my community blog.

Playlists for meditations, chill music, educational talks and interviews with healers within our community can be found on a collaborative YouTube channel that I co-host. 

Here is a Google Sheet that has ideas of podcasts, books, Netflix shows, local businesses to support, Instagram accounts to check out and more... (this is a community collaboration, so please feel free to share any information you would like to add!)

This PayPal link holds a community fundraising campaign for those seeking mental health services who are facing financial barriers. Money raised will support mental health care for marginalized populations and those facing financial hardship due to the covid-19 pandemic. 

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