healing collaboration

what happens when healers collaborate together?



Caty Brown

Soul Body Finesse

Caty is a certified Sound Healer, Reiki level 2 practitioner, labor & birth doula and studied yin yoga and the physiological anatomy of trauma in the body. She discovered sound healing as a way of self care and became passionate about sharing this experience with others.

How we met: One random Sunday night I saw a little flyer come across my social media for a yoga/ soundbath offering that Caty was co-leading. I decided at the very last minute to grab my yoga mat and sign up. I was the only person that evening in attendance. At first, I felt a bit awkward being the only one… like “geez… these people probably think I SUCK at yoga right now”… As I was able to let go of my self-judging thoughts and move into the flow of the class, I dropped into my body (where I always find my answers) and began to feel a little nudge from Spirit. I noticed a whispering that there was a reason I was the only one there, and I was to be curious about this. As I was soaking up the healing vibrations of the soundbath, I began dreaming of how powerful it could be to have this experience follow my breathwork offerings… After the class, I hung out on the Zoom call and ended up talking with Caty for quite some time. We shared about the passion that we both feel for our work. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we both believe in magic, and felt that we were placed together that evening for a reason. And now we have a deeper understanding of why! Our new friendship and collaboration of breathwork and sound healing makes us both giddy!!! We are so grateful and excited to be offering this collaboration every month online, and we are already dreaming of in-person events in the future.

Learn more about Caty on her website:
Instagram @soulbodyfinesse



Christine Lord

Restoring Sacred Wholeness

Christine is a multidimensional spiritual healer, trained Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a Clinical Social Worker who helps people give back to humanity and the Earth sustainably from a place of Wholeness, through deep connection with the Sacred Self. Amongst many other tools, Christine uses ceremony, energy healing and somatic processing in her work as a space holder. She weaves the wisdom she has gathered and received through her lived experience and her ancestors to help people restore their relationship with their Sacred Self, to find harmony in their life and embrace their Sacred Wholeness.

How we met: Christine and I met in 2015 while both attending a Somatic Experiencing training. Or paths had crossed a few times throughout the weekend and I was curious about who the heck this lady was who had her little satchel of stones & crystals along for the ride… At a later point in the training, we partnered for an activity where we began exploring how to use touch support in somatic work. We were invited to sit across from one another and bring our hands together in front of us. It wasn’t long before I could feel a current of energy moving between our hands… a profound, magical current...✨ Being able to actually feel this energy was a new experience for me and blew me away! As a reiki practitioner, this was a familiar feeling for Christine as she already had a relationship with the healing powers of this energy. As I connected into the energy between our hands I knew that Christine was supposed to be in my life for some reason, which would unfold over time. Since then, she has become a very dear friend, a spiritual seeking companion, and together we have collaborated in a deep heart offering to host retreats for therapists and healers. Christine has a magical way of connecting in with Spirit, and is the heart of our ceremony circles on retreat.

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Instagram @i_am_sacred_



Healing Elements Wellness

St. Paul, MN

Healing Elements was founded as a vision of integrative and holistic wellness services in a one stop shop. They are located in St. Paul, MN and also have an online store carefully curated with both local and national handcrafted goods. They are a dedicated team of creatives, massage therapists, yoga teachers and wellness practitioners and are committed to making wellness services accessible to all people.

How we met: I met Samantha (the founder of Healing Elements) in 2020 when we both joined a mastermind group of wellness entrepreneurs through Well Connected Twin Cities. We began to explore the shared passion that we both have in our work, and I loved the values that Samantha embodied in her business and her approach to wellness. After learning about the Breathwork & Sound Healing collaboration that I had been gushing over, Samantha reached out to me with curiosity if this could be something to bring into the space at Healing Elements. Without hesitation, I knew this would be a beautiful collaboration and am looking forward to joining forces to bring more magical healing to our local Twin Cities community!

Learn more about Healing Elements on their website:

Instagram @healingelementswellness