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Areas of Interest

Somatic Experiencing

When we slow down and deeply listen, we can hear the innate healing wisdom of our bodies. Somatic Experiencing is a body-based approach developed by Dr. Peter Levine to support the body in releasing overwhelming and traumatic experiences and their impact on the nervous system. Through this work, it can be common to feel a sense of recalibration and rediscover a deeper and more trusting relationship with ourselves.  

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Conscious connected breathwork actively stimulates the nervous system and can help move stuck, stagnant, or overwhelming energy and emotions through the body. It can be common to experience a significant shift in just one session. 

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Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

Plant medicine can be a powerful tool to access non-ordinary states of consciousness. When approached with deep respect and curiosity, psychedelic experiences can be life altering. I hold safe spaces for people to prepare for and integrate these experiences. (I do not provide psychedelic therapy or illegal substances) 

Topics of Interest/ Tools Integrated into Sessions




Sandtray Exploration


Oracle Cards

Crystals & Stones

Movement/ Yoga

Essential Oils

Creating Altars

Common Referrals

Bodywork/ Massage

Sound Healing

Energy Healing

Craniosacral Therapy


Past Life Regression

Emotion/Body Code

My Approach
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